“Foodservices have adopted a Food and Nutrition Management Software (CBORD) system to run the operation, in which CBORD
is replacing the old mainframe system, which enhances the
efficiency of the service and integrates all foodservice activities
within one system.”

—King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

CBORD’s foodservice production systems have been developed to fully integrate with our patient nutrition systems, and allow you to choose the functionality your healthcare facility wants and needs. Help staff minimize repetitive tasks, and facilitate data-driven decision making, with one robust solution for everything from menu and recipe planning to nutritional analysis, food production, and more.

Foodservice Suite® (FSS) automates your foodservice operation and allows you to increase inventory turns while reducing waste, par levels, and costs of floor stocks. Save money by paying invoices quickly with our accounts-payable interface, allowing you to take full advantage of vendor and GPO discounts. Flexible reporting identifies where costs are increasing and what "per meal" costs are for any period of time, and ranks items on total expense from high to low.

NetUnitOrderingTM is a web-based extension for FSS that allows users to place orders with production units, storerooms, and commissaries without the requirement of having FSS installed on their workstations. By extending the reach of FSS to other potential users, the NetUnitOrdering module reduces administrative costs while helping to better serve your internal and external customers.

Nutrition Service Suite® (NSS) allows you to automate the complex process of safely feeding your patients. Whether you are dealing with 50 or 5,000 patients, the program is modular, scalable, and customized to meet the demands of your operations. Choose only the modules you need.

Room Service Choice® offers a web-based mobile meal ordering application accessible from any web browser, including an iPad® or other mobile tablets. This allows you to offer staff-assisted entry of patient and guest meal selections at the bedside, or in a call center for on-demand room service delivery or traditional tray line meal service. Meal ordering can also be integrated into your in-room entertainment system for patient self-service with the Room Service Concero® module.

Tray Monitor® is designed to add precision to the workflow of hotel-style room service. From a tablet or connected screen you can monitor the progression of a meal order from the time a ticket is printed in the kitchen until the food tray is delivered to the patient. It records information at each stage of every order, allowing staff to analyze data and improve efficiency. Tray Monitor lets you quickly find the location of any tray, and alerts you when progress falls behind at preparation and delivery stages.

With Mobile Intake® your chef will know immediately when a menu item is unpopular, because staff record intake using a tablet as they collect trays. Get real-time reporting on exactly which foods are consumed, and how much is wasted. It’s a great way to evaluate new products from your suppliers, and an important tool in addressing hospital malnutrition. By effectively monitoring and targeting patients at risk, hospitals can improve intake, decrease length of stay and re-admittance rates, and impact reimbursements.

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