Go Green with CBORD and OZZI

Eliminate your single-use disposable takeout containers with OZZI and CBORD. Leverage your CBORD card system with the OZZI Machine for diner accountability through automation.

So, how does it work? At St. John Fisher University, the diner picks up an O2GO reusable container from the dining hall and the barcode on the bottom is scanned, linking it to their meal plan account. After finishing their meal, students then swipe their ID card on the OZZI Machine and deposit their O2GO container. When the OZZI Machine fills up, an employee empties the bin and washes the returned containers


According to Andrea Maccarone, director of food services at St. John Fisher University, before OZZI, the college community used up to 475 paper containers each day, all of which were thrown in the trash. Those paper containers, she added, have been removed from the college with no plans to return.

The Made in the USA O2GO reusable containers by OZZI have been successfully tested by Ecolab for 1,000 commercial washes. The O2GO containers go right through your standard commercial dishwasher. When they reach the end of their life, they can be returned to OZZI to be recycled and made into new products.

The OZZI Machine, coupled with CBORD, provides seamless accountability through automation. If a diner does not return their O2GO, they cannot take out another container, which leads to 100% reusable container retention.

Proven cost savings through the elimination of disposables, including delivery and storage, have been documented. The impact on the environment is astounding:

  • 19 times fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • 25 times less water used
  • 56% decrease in primary energy use
  • 69% decrease in global warming potential
  • Fewer fossil fuels and less emissions

OZZI is changing the world from disposable to reusable one meal at a time. Founded in 2013, OZZI estimates that it has eliminated more than 35,000,000 single-use disposables from landfills and oceans. Inventory is currently in stock. Contact Deb Nelson, dnelson@PlanetOZZI.com, for more information.

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