Dining on your campus is about more than just food, it's about ideas. Ideas in the food service world are what can set your college or university apart from the rest, and ultimately lead to students making the decision to choose your school. Turn your ideas into reality, whether it's creating an eye-catching menu or revitalizing your retail operation.

CBORD systems, along with very strategic partner integrations, support a dynamic food service operation. Ordering in, grabbing food, and glancing at menu boards are all aspects of a campus experience that your students are used to. You are looking to provide students with those options. And your CBORD systems support that.

Here are a few topics that we will discuss:

  • Integration between Foodservice Suite® and your menu displays for dynamic, real-time visuals
  • Using NetNutrition® to help spotlight allergens and diet-specific foods in your menus
  • Mobile ordering with GET

Presented by
Jeanette Moser, Grinnell College
Harvey Friedman, Epicure Digital Menu Systems
Jeff Dean, CBORD
Ben Horan, CBORD

Originally Presented: 07/27/2016