Addressing malnutrition in healthcare

Recent study validates CBORD’s Mobile Intake for quantifying dietary intake

When identifying and addressing malnutrition in patients, it’s crucial to track dietary intake as accurately and efficiently as possible. Yet many hospitals are using paper-based food record charts that are error prone and time consuming.

A recent study compared a weighed food record and the commonly used food record chart to CBORD’s Mobile Intake solution, an electronic tool for quantifying dietary intake. The study found overall Mobile Intake provided faster, more accurate and comprehensive real-time intake data than weighed food records and manual food record charts.

Study Shows CBORD’s Mobile Intake Solution is Faster, More Accurate

The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics published the research article, Validation of an electronic food intake tool and its usability in the healthcare setting, that clearly shows how Mobile Intake improves accuracy and efficiency in collecting dietary intake data.

With Mobile Intake, hospital employees use a mobile device to record intake as they collect patient meal trays. The tool incorporates the standard five-point visual scale and provides automatic nutrient analysis.

Hospitals get real-time reporting on exactly which foods are consumed and how much is wasted. This data enables hospitals to effectively monitor and target patients at risk, so steps can be taken to improve intake for reduced risk of hospital acquired malnutrition, length of stay and re-admittance rates.

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Study Abstract Validating CBORD's Mobile Intake