Looking to Centralize but Need Site Flexibility?

Is it possible to centralize your health system’s foodservice operations and provide site flexibility at the same time? With the right technology, it is.

Health systems are embracing the idea of centralization and standardization for the inherent efficiencies and economies of scale.

Yet, with some food management solutions, this can mean a rigid, one-size-fits-all approach for the various sites in the network. Clearly, this is not realistic in today’s health system that typically encompasses different sized facilities serving different levels of care.

You need flexibility at the site level to meet the differing needs of each location. A large teaching hospital has different requirements and available resources than a children’s hospital, skilled nursing, or rehab location.

Look at celery as an example. This seemingly simple ingredient carries a level of complexity as different facilities may need it in a particular form. For example, a regional hospital wants whole stalks while a small rehab location needs prepared celery sticks.

Get the Best of Both Worlds with the Right Tech

With the right technology solution, you can manage such differences while maintaining standardization and centralized control.

When your facilities have created their shopping lists and are ready to order for the week, the software will recommend to each site the appropriate form of the item to order: the regional hospital will be prompted to buy whole celery and the rehab site will be presented with celery sticks, for example.

Another advantage of having centralization with site flexibility is that it gives power back to the chef at each site. Consider the ongoing price fluctuations and supply chain challenges. With a true enterprise food management solution, each chef can see their specific price and availability so they can make their own informed business decisions.

CBORD’s NetMenu SaaS technology solution is designed for managing multisite foodservice operations and will help growing health systems gain the site flexibility they need, but not at the expense of safety, quality, or cost control.


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Watch our webinar, Let Your Data Navigate the Way to Better Business Performance, to get the details.

Let Your Data Navigate the Way to Better Business Performance

Catch our webinar to get the details.