Drive Room Service Success with High-Tech Tray Management

Do you know where your patient meal trays are?

A patient’s dining experience can make or break their overall satisfaction. That’s why many are switching from a traditional model with set mealtimes to on-demand, hotel-style room service.

While room service has unquestionably proven to boost patient satisfaction, a new set of challenges often emerges. Tray management is one of them.  

The great hospitality experience that comes with room service can be damaged when patients don’t know who to contact for questions or when they get referred to person after person before getting an answer.

How do you answer meal service questions for patients at your hospital?

In most cases, the call center is nowhere near the kitchen where trays are prepared so it can be difficult for your staff to find answers for patients.

Everyone who has a stake in the meal service process needs to have visibility into the entire tray delivery process whether in the call center, on a patient unit, or in the kitchen. The appropriate staff should be able to view any detail about the tray at any point in time.

This is where technology comes into play. Make sure you use a room service system that offers an integrated, leading-edge tray management solution. This way, as a tray moves through each checkpoint in the assembly and delivery process, it can be reflected in the software and everyone can answer any question a patient or nurse may have no matter where they are.

A streamlined process and more visibility for your staff also means patients receive meals at the right time and at the right temperature.

Imagine what else this kind of visibility could do for your operation.

You could identify any bottlenecks in your tray assembly and delivery process and make adjustments to improve efficiency.

You could let nursing view information about patient trays any time they need to know what nutrients are being served or if there is any meal set up that needs to be done.

You could eliminate the time spent searching for answers about meal status and trying to locate your staff members when they are out delivering trays.

Ready to learn more?

Find out how you can boost patient satisfaction, keep everyone informed, and improve workflows with CBORD’s cloud-based solution: NetMenu Tray Logistics. Our team is here to help, so contact us today. 


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