Ideas for boosting employee satisfaction in healthcare

According to the 2021 Fortune/Deloitte CEO Survey, healthcare leaders named the talent shortage as their top challenge.

While employee satisfaction has long been a top priority in healthcare, it’s more important than ever to foster a work environment that actively values your employees and to offer benefits that help you attract and retain them.

How can CBORD help you improve the employee experience?

Transform Your Employee ID into an Employee Benefit

Something as simple as expanding the usefulness of the ID badge can have a positive impact on employee productivity and happiness.

Making the workday easier—through convenient purchasing, account management, and online order-ahead for meals—lets employees know how much they are valued.

CBORD’s cloud-based Odyssey Direct system makes it easy to offer an experience your employees will appreciate. Your staff and guests at the hospital can use their ID badge or gift cards throughout the facility for purchases at your dining venues, gift shops, c-stores, vending machines, and more. Simply link payroll deduction or declining balance accounts to the cards for facility-wide cashless purchases that speed up your lines, drive revenue, and improve satisfaction.

Offer Convenience and Time Savings

Hospital employees are busy, and they place high value on their breaks. With the GET mobile app by CBORD, your employees will be able to use their mobile device to order ahead, avoid the long lines, and enjoy more of their break time.

GET is an online and mobile app from CBORD that expands the reach of your identification card and simplifies the way employees pay for meals, products, and services during the workday. Employees simply open the app on their Android or iOS device and manage their account, use it as a mobile ID, pay for purchases, place orders for food, and more.

Reward Your Employees

A loyalty program is a great way to drive engagement. Want to increase attendance at workshops and seminars? Reward employees for attending. Want to reduce long lunch lines? Offer incentives for ordering ahead. Want to encourage employees to eat healthier? Reward them for purchases at venues with healthier menus.

The rewards feature in GET allows you to provide a customized incentive program through your ID card system like Odyssey Direct. Choose automated rewards, such as discounts and deposits, or redeemable rewards for promotional items. It’s easy to unlock this feature that’s included with the base GET platform subscription.

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GET App: Expanding the Reach of Your ID

Watch the webinar recording to learn how GET can positively impact your bottom line and improve employee satisfaction.