Improve malnutrition identification and support clinical best practices

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Raising awareness is only the first step. In addition to calling out the importance of early identification and intervention to ensure optimal patient and organizational outcomes, we must also initiate change to improve the ongoing suboptimal management of malnutrition globally.

A recent study highlights how CBORD’s malnutrition management solution can help address the ongoing low rates of coding (0-19%) compared to the high malnutrition prevalence rates (30-60%), where manual or combination of manual and electronic systems fall short.

Improved Malnutrition Management 

This solution was developed adopting user-centered design principles and incorporating evidence-based practice guidelines, and has demonstrated to significantly improve all components of the malnutrition management process (p<0.001), as well as reduce screening time by 60%.

With automated auditing, the organization has access to real-time prevalence rates and process audit data (screening and assessment rates, and the Global Malnutrition Composite Score), and by eliminating the need for manual retrospective process audits has demonstrated to reduce auditing time by >95%.

Customers have achieved significantly improved revenue and staff efficiencies (through the streamlined management of the malnutrition process and the elimination of manual retrospective auditing), as well as being approved for additional dietitian FTEs as a result of implementing CBORD’s Mobile Intake malnutrition solution.  

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Study Abstract Validating CBORD's Mobile Intake for Malnutrition Identification