Is your foodservice software helping you keep patients safe?

The Importance of Using the Right Tools to Ensure Patient Safety

Facing ongoing barriers and challenges with the food management technology in place, the food and nutrition teams at Confluence Health realized the existing system was not up to par in several key areas that impacted patient safety and operational efficiencies..

We recently spoke with Michelle Harris, food service director, and Garen Schroder, supervisor of dietitian informaticists, about the important role software plays. They shared their story about moving away from a system that was disjointed and limiting to an integrated, reliable solution from CBORD.   

“From a technical standpoint, the integration with the electronic health record in our previous system didn’t support multiple diet restrictions, and there was no integration with the recipe management and food production side of things,” said Schroder.  

Now, the team appreciates the way CBORD makes it easier for staff to ensure patient meal accuracy. “With CBORD, our staff is now able to follow the compliance that’s built into the system,” Harris noted.

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