Leverage Data Insights to Improve Efficiency

Meet rising expectations even when short staffed. 

CBORD’s recent customer research shows that 78% feel the pressure to increase service levels while 26% say they have reduced ability to serve patients.1

With the ongoing staffing shortages, many hospitals struggle to provide even the basics much less increase services.

What can you do when expectations are up, but staffing is down?

One way to overcome this gap is by identifying inefficiencies in your workflows and allocating your resources more effectively. It sounds simple, but in the real world it’s anything but simple.

How do you pinpoint bottlenecks and identify resources that are available to help? Let your data guide you.

With the right data analysis tools, you can easily find the areas of inefficiency and make staffing adjustments to keep things running smoothly.

A robust analytics solution is what provides the wider point of view, allowing you to make sense of your data and uncover the meaningful trends that help with decision making.

Actionable Insights

Let’s look at one instance where data helped improve several key operational areas. Using analytics, the data showed that ordering 30 minutes before a meal period rather than the day before results in:

  • Improved intake for better patient outcomes
  • Reduced waste with more being eaten and less coming back to dish room
  • Reduced purchasing and labor costs by minimizing duplicate trays

Your data can also reveal the parts of your workflows that are bogging things down. By looking at your tray delivery process, you can determine if trays are sitting too long at one checkpoint.

Your data can help you analyze tray delivery metrics and identify higher volume ticket times that have a lower on-time delivery performance, enabling you to take action to adjust staffing levels.




Analyzing data using a laptop

Better Performance

You can model the behaviors of your best performing staff and provide additional trainings to build a stronger employee and team culture. You will deliver more trays on time, increase patient nutritional intake, and improve overall satisfaction.

With consolidated data, you’re able to make better informed decisions using visual analytics, instantly bringing forward key actionable insights at every level of your organization.

CBORD’s cloud-based analytics tools can help you overcome the ongoing industry challenges. All the valuable data you get from an enterprise solution can give you insights into your operational performance like never before.

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1 CBORD Insights proprietary research, Customer Priorities Survey, September 2022, n=276. 

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