Revolutionizing Patient Outcomes

Leading the Way to Improved Patient Outcomes 

The prevalence of hospital malnutrition, ranging between 30%-60%, has long been associated with negative patient and clinical outcomes. Undiagnosed and untreated, it leads to increased healthcare costs and inadequate reimbursement for hospitals managing complex patients.

Recognizing the urgency to improve malnutrition management, CBORD’s Kirsty Maunder and key personnel at Mater Health, including Sally McCray and Laura Barsha, embarked on a collaborative endeavor. 

The Birth of CBORD’s Electronic Malnutrition Solution 

Combining Kirsty’s expertise in nutrition informatics and a deep understanding of the pivotal role of eHealth in enhancing healthcare delivery, patient care, and outcomes, the Mater-CBORD collaboration unfolded between 2018-2022. Their joint efforts resulted in the planning, design, and deployment of CBORD’s electronic malnutrition solution at Mater’s South Brisbane site. While Mater had already made progress through systematic audits and targeted improvement strategies, they identified the need for an electronic solution to bridge the gap between diagnosis rates and the true prevalence of malnutrition. 

Aligned in their bold thinking and commitment to practical solutions, the Mater-CBORD collaboration followed a user-centered design and e-readiness process model. This approach ensured the development, testing, and implementation of the electronic malnutrition system adhered to evidence-based guidelines and local business requirements. The impact was transformative, as the final solution deployment at Mater Health showcased statistically improved rates across all six key malnutrition management measures. 

The positive outcomes achieved through the electronic malnutrition solution deployment were significant. Key measures, including patients identified, screened, assessed, and correctly coded, saw substantial improvements, ranging from 81% to 100%. Moreover, there was a remarkable 60% reduction in the time taken to screen patients, while user uptake and adoption reached an impressive 100%. The electronic malnutrition solution also facilitated regular automated and real-time auditing, resulting in a 95% reduction in audit time. Feel free to read the full study abstract

The impact of Kirsty’s collaboration has garnered well-deserved recognition. Their work has been published in the prestigious British Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, earning the Editor’s pick for August 2022. Additionally, the Mater Research award acknowledged the influential and impactful nature of their research. The collaboration has also been presented at numerous national and international conferences and webinars, showcasing its significance on a global scale. 

Expanding the Reach 

The success achieved at Mater’s South Brisbane site has paved the way for the electronic malnutrition solution rollout across the remaining six sites in Queensland. Concurrently, Kirsty’s commitment to improving patient outcomes led to the implementation of the CBORD solution at other healthcare facilities throughout Australia. This expansion has not only delivered improved patient outcomes but has also generated increased revenue for these organizations. 



CBORD's Kirsty Maunder receiving the IHHC Advocacy Award

Institute of Hospitality in Healthcare (IHHC) Advocacy Award

Kirsty’s well-deserved recognition with The IHHC Advocacy Award stands as a testament to her dedication and innovation in the healthcare industry. Through her collaboration with Mater and the development of CBORD’s electronic malnutrition solution, Kirsty has made significant strides in revolutionizing patient outcomes and enhancing revenue generation. This transformative journey will continue to inspire others and serve as a blueprint for future advancements in healthcare. 

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