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Duke Raleigh Hospital

The community hospital is known for providing exceptional medical care, and its mission is to inspire hope, advance knowledge, and improve health.


Duke Raleigh Hospital’s traditional food service model did not result in an optimal patient experience. The manual processes for taking meal orders, which must adhere to diet restrictions and nutritional needs, left room for error, created paper menu waste, and caused bottlenecks that prevented on-time meal tray deliveries.

The hospital recognized that its foodservice program was an important component of the patient treatment process and saw value in transitioning to a food and nutrition software platform that could improve its processes. The hospital selected CBORD as its partner of choice due to the company’s demonstrated expertise, experience, and results. 


Duke Raleigh Hospital uses CBORD applications, Room Service Choice and Tray Monitor, to streamline its processes and personalize its meal selections. As a result, the hospital was able to improve patient satisfaction significantly.

According to Lisa Marker, assistant director of nutrition at Duke Raleigh Hospital, “Since implementing Room Service Choice and Tray Monitor, we’ve seen our Press Ganey scores increase from the low 20th percentile to the 87th percentile.”

CBORD customized its service options to support Duke Raleigh Hospital’s patient and operational needs. Duke Raleigh Hospital uses the on-demand Room Service Choice model to easily access patient dietary restrictions, goals, and nutrition  information. It is also able to offer detailed restaurant-style menu descriptions.

“We can now provide education with every meal interaction,” said Marker. “Our front-line staff can lead that conversation at the bedside or at the call center. The verbiage and information are at the front-line’s fingertips so we can focus on the relationship with our patients, the conversation and interaction.”


Prior to using CBORD technology, Duke Raleigh Hospital’s POD meal delivery system provided minimal data concerning on-time tray deliveries and the average number of orders taken per staff. Both of these components are needed to improve efficiency and patient experience.

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