CBORD Announces New Cloud-Based Tray Tracking Solution

CBORD’s Tray Logistics Solution Simplifies Meal Service, Improves Patient Satisfaction

New cloud-based solution provides visibility and safety through next-generation tray tracking.  

ITHACA, N.Y., March 18, 2021 – CBORD®, a leading provider of technology solutions for education, healthcare, senior living, and business campuses, announced the expansion of its cloud-based NetMenu platform to offer Tray Logistics™ for streamlined tray assembly, delivery, and pickup in today’s hospital meal service process. 

Tray management becomes more complex with on-demand room service, where patients can choose not only what they want to eat but when they want to eat, but it is considered a competitive advantage when patients have healthcare choices.  

“With so many steps in the meal service process, many hospitals struggle to identify and address bottlenecks in tray delivery, causing productivity and patient satisfaction to suffer,” said Heather Whitehouse, director of product management at CBORD. 

Tray Logistics is an easy-to-use application that allows healthcare staff to efficiently identify each patient’s tray location at any given time. The solution was designed to drive efficiency across the hospital food service operation by creating greater visibility into the meal service process, with complete insight into each patient tray at each stage.  

Hospitals can now identify the progression of meal orders from the time an order is received in the kitchen until the food tray is delivered to and picked up from the patient’s room. The system tracks and timestamps trays as they move from checkpoint to checkpoint, helping hospitals identify any bottlenecks in their food service operation with real-time data. 

Accessible from any modern internet browser, Tray Logistics includes a mobile app designed for tablet devices and works in conjunction with Room Service Choice On-Demand and CBORD Patient to facilitate room service operations, adding further precision to the room service workflow. 

Hospitals will appreciate an application that provides an extra layer of transparency into the tray delivery process, allowing access to patient meal information for multi-disciplinary team members, including modern features that alert staff of real-time diet order, allergy, and room changes to further ensure patient safety. 

To complete the meal service cycle, Tray Logistics has built-in configurable notifications telling staff which trays are ready to be picked up, ensuring patients have a clean environment in their room. This also allows foodservice to prepare for the next meal, further helping improve efficiency and productivity. 

With Tray Logistics, hospitals can drive efficiency across the food service operation, never leaving patients or staff wondering where a meal tray is, while providing front-line staff with information they need to streamline the decision-making process. 

Visit CBORD’s website to learn more about our Tray Logistics solution.  

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