As educational institutions continue to adjust to a new normal post COVID-19 , the old ways of issuing credentials with a desktop software are no longer valid. CBORD and Entrust firmly believe that universities need to “secure a world in motion” by returning safely and securely back to education.

While Entrust has decided to end of life ID Works, CBORD and Entrust will continue to work closely together to ensure continued support for our customers for ID Works through June 30, 2023. We can also help you prepare to seamlessly migrate to the next generation issuance solution, Instant ID. This mature issuance solution will allow your institution to adapt your credential solutions to the needs of your student and faculty communities of today and tomorrow.

View our webinar to hear from Dr. Jagdish Rebello, Entrust, Dave Beckwith, CBORD, and Chris Lockwood, CBORD, on plans to transition you from ID Works to Instant ID.

We discussed our solution offerings and continued efforts to provide your institution with a best-in-class, secure, cost effective solution to meet your issuance needs now and well into the future.

ID Works to Instant ID

Seamless Transition to Prepare You for the Future