Make a measurable impact  

Standardization of recipes is the most important tool for controlling food costs, producing a consistent quality and yield, and ensuring patient and patron safety.

Coupled with good menu design and forecasting tools, healthcare organizations can also reduce wastage and improve profitability.

Watch the recording to hear how the combination of these tools can have a measurable impact on your organization.

In this session, learn how menu and recipe controls help you:

  • Adapt to market trends and accommodate various venues
  • Create repeatable processes
  • Improve enterprise wide profitability by maximizing recipe standards
  • Address common food waste scenarios and create transparency to clients

Presented by:

  • Heather Whitehouse, Director of Product Management, CBORD
  • Lisa Davis, Product Owner, Food Management, CBORD

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Simplify Menu Management & Recipe Control

Learn how menu management and recipe control can have a measurable impact on your organization.