Managing the complexities of a dining program in long-term care and senior living is difficult for any size community. We understand balancing residents’ demand for choice and flexibility, while meeting regulatory requirements and adjusting to inflation, depends on knowing and managing your price per resident day (PRD).

How can you accomplish this?

Maybe it’s time to consider a cloud-based foodservice solution. CBORD’s NetMenu offers quick access to the critical data you need to run your business and the tools to reduce costs, improve production and labor efficiency, and exceed resident and family expectations.

Watch the recording to learn how CBORD’s cloud-based platform can help you:

  • Plan diet-specific menus and extend them to therapeutic diets.
  • Support combination diet orders with multiple textures, consistencies, and allergies.
  • Produce recipes based on accurate forecasts and current ingredient costs.
  • Increase resident satisfaction and engagement with mobile menus at the time of service or in advance.
  • Provide nutrition and allergen information to residents and families.

Heather Whitehouse of CBORD’s product management team offers insight on transitioning to a cloud-based resident management tool and provide an overview of what NetMenu can offer your resident dining program.

We were also be joined by Amy Nemecek, foodservice consultant for CBORD, who discusses the benefits of NetMenu and services available to enable a smooth transition. 

    Presented by:

    Heather Whitehouse, Director of Product Management, CBORD
    Amy Nemecek, Foodservice Consultant, CBORD

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    Step Up from GeriMenu to the Cloud

    Watch our webinar on the benefits of moving from GeriMenu to NetMenu in the cloud.