CBORD integrated security solutions: Built for higher education

Colleges and universities have a critical responsibility to keep their students, faculty, and staff safe. Secure campuses provide better learning environments, which attract and retain top students and faculty. CBORD can help you create a campus that fosters a safe, engaging environment for everyone through an integrated security solution that gives you a complete view of your campus security, including access, privileges, and transactions — all from one platform.  

CBORD’s market-leading access and security systems offer real-time monitoring and control of doors and privileges, as well as instant lockdown capabilities, integrated alarm management, automated notifications, and more.  

We keep your campus safe around the clock with: 

  • Zone Emergency Lockdown: Quickly control doors to specific buildings, zones, or the entire campus — all with a touchscreen monitor or mobile device.  
  • Contactless Access: Eliminate brass keys and card swipes with a more secure and convenient mobile credential.  
  • Privilege Control: Use a single platform to remotely manage all doors connected to the system and quickly change access assignments.
  • Activity Monitoring: Uncover and control the movement of quarantined students with geolocation, GPS-tracking, holds, and alarms.

Partnering with industry-leading hardware providers like Allegion, ASSA ABLOY, HID Global, Mercury Security, and IDEMIA, we built our solution to meet the unique needs of college and university campuses. Our systems control physical access, manage privileges for activities and purchasing, and integrate tightly with access and alarm management solutions. 

Many colleges and universities struggle with the expense and inconvenience of using multiple systems throughout their campuses. CBORD provides a better solution that serves the entire campus. 

Interested in learning how you can upgrade your access and security with CBORD? Contact our higher education sales team and get started! 


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