Create a seamless student experience with CBORD’s connected campus

Today’s students have technology in hand most of the time, and they expect campus services to be accessible via smart devices. Colleges and universities face a unique challenge in satisfying students’ demand for connectivity and convenience while also keeping their personal information safe.

How can your school offer the services students need with the technology they want?

Colleges and universities need to adapt to the way students use technology to enhance their campus experience. Using a combination of biometrics, mobile apps, and digital credentials, CBORD can help you create a connected campus that fosters a safe, engaging campus environment for both staff and students.

CBORD’s connected campus implements one solution that unifies auxiliary services under a single campus ID.

  • Residential life
  • Dining services
  • Campus events
  • Gym
  • Bookstore
  • Class attendance
  • Off-campus purchases
  • Laundry
  • Library
  • Vending
  • Printing
  • And more

Many colleges and universities struggle with the expense and inconvenience of using multiple systems throughout their campuses. CBORD provides a better solution that serves the entire campus, including residential life, dining services, security, and IT.

It’s time to move beyond plastic ID cards.
Contactless credentials provide a safer, more secure form of identification, and are incredibly convenient for students – and faculty and staff. With contactless credentials, students can order and pay for food on and off campus, add funds and pay account fees, purchase event tickets, unlock their room door, and more – all from their smartphone or smartwatch.

Improve and expedite dining lines and other high-traffic areas with biometrics and mobile apps.
Using biometrics, students can move quickly and safely through lines at dining venues with minimal to no points of contact, greatly enhancing their dining experience – and increasing the number of students your foodservice operations can safely accommodate. Students can use the GET app to order food to go or make dining reservations, thereby helping foodservice operators manage student capacity and offer convenient options for dining.

Maintain a safe, secure campus – all from one comprehensive platform.
Perhaps most crucially, CBORD’s connected campus offers a completely integrated security program that allows security staff to control and monitor who has access to where and when and can grant or revoke access easily – as well as quickly lockdown buildings or entire zones.

Creating a connected campus offers greater efficiencies and cost savings – and streamlines technology, resulting in a much more cohesive system that remains flexible and user-friendly. To learn more, check out our connected campus interactive e-book.

Contact CBORD’s higher education team to learn more about how to create a connected campus today.