CS Gold 8 is the system upgrade your campus needs

Upgrade to CS Gold 8 today and begin using the most powerful, flexible card system available. 

Your card program is the heart of your campus. Because students expect more connectivity and convenience than ever before, you need a reliable solution that simplifies campus management while supporting the latest technology. The upgrade to Gold 8 offers students full mobile credential functionality and expands integrations to new solutions to provide your campus with the most tailored auxiliary services ecosystem possible.  

A system created for campuses, not industry. 

CS Gold offers the benefits of an enterprise-wide campus card system in a highly customizable package. The key components required of any campus card system (meal plans, stored value, access, activities) are native to the CS Gold software and built specifically for higher education. CS Gold is designed so that all key components enhance each other and live in the same space. No other campus card solution can offer these unique and necessary benefits.  

Here’s what’s new in the CS Gold 8 upgrade: 

  • Full mobile credential functionality   
  • New features and greater integrations and customizations, including REST APIs and new text messaging and voice service 
  • Stronger security with CS Access Version 8, including our new Emergency Lockdown feature 
  • Support for the latest technology, with the latest versions of both Oracle and Microsoft Windows server 
  • New features in CS Gold WebManager that were previously only available in the Windows GUI 
  • Beneficial new service structures and pricing for managed services 

    A card-free campus: Give students a more convenient way to access the services they use every day. 

    CS Gold 8 provides a real NFC mobile credential solution for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android phones — not a Bluetooth or barcoded credential like other providers — so students’ campus cards are always accessible to them. CS Gold 8 allows your institution to decide which app works best for your students for deploying mobile credentials. Does your school have its own established mobile app? Great! You can leverage CBORD’s open API with your school’s application. Otherwise, you can use our GET mobile app to provision digital credentials. CBORD is the only provider offering this level of flexibility.  

    Students love the convenience of using their phone or watch to navigate through campus (and today they expect it). Here are some of the many ways students can use mobile credentials: 

    • Residence hall
    • Dining
    • Gym
    • Campus events
    • Bookstore
    • Parking
    • Off campus
    • Laundry
    • Library
    • Vending
    • Printing
    • And much more!

    Put our innovative security enhancements to work and make your campus safer. 

    Version 8 of our add-on module CS Access offers new features and integrations to secure your campus proactively. CS Access is fully integrated with the campus card system and leverages its features. CS Access 8 includes our new emergency lockdown controls, which allow campus police to immediately identify a zone in danger after an emergency call and quickly lock down buildings, zones, or the entire campus. Access 8 also offers enhanced security access panels and new, integrated partner products from industry leaders in security. 

    Every CS Gold upgrade delivers better solutions that implement the best of new technologies. 

    CS Gold 8 offers new features in WebManager that were previously only available in the Windows GUI. Now, CS Gold 8 users can access features such as an enhanced menu, an API key manager page, enhanced report configuration and scheduling, along with many other functionalities, without the need to install the Windows GUI. These new features won’t be available in WebManager to CS Gold 7 users. 

    With CS Gold 8, we offer multiple pricing options for managed services to maximize your investment in a way that makes sense for your institution. You can choose between three levels of additional managed services that include training, backup and disaster mitigation, and system health checkups, depending on the tier selected. CS Gold’s flexible pricing allows campuses to buy the best campus card solution available and grow their services over time. 

    With more than 900 campus partners and more than 45 years of experience, CBORD is the leader in campus technology. No other campus card solution can offer the unique and necessary benefits that CS Gold provides. 

    Ready to upgrade to CS Gold 8? Contact our higher education sales team and get started! 


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