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Are you ready for a healthy return? 

Spring semester proved to be one of the most challenging times higher education has ever seen. Colleges and universities had to abruptly switch to remote learning and work, and adapt on-campus processes to accommodate social distancing guidelines. The exercise in emergency response taught us a lot, but getting ready to reopen campus under continually changing circumstances is proving to be another great challenge.

This summer, we’re hosting a webinar series on how you can prepare your campus for a healthy return for fall semester. Our first session features a panel of CBORD team members who all have experience in various roles on university campuses. In the on-demand recording, our speakers draw from their on experiences and address how schools can utilize existing or new technology to ensure campuses are healthy and safe.

This session includes information on contactless credentials (mobile and plastic IDs), mobile ordering, menu planning, foodservice analysis, and issuing credentials remotely.

Additional webinars will dive deeper into each of these topics and cover ID and credential management, campus security, housing management, back-of-house foodservice operations, point of sale technology, on- and off-campus dining, student engagement, and more. Look for sessions throughout May, June, and July.

For more information and ideas, visit the Healthy Return resource page.

Go Contactless for a Healthy Return
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Boost Foodservice Financials for a Healthy Return
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Follow Social Distancing in Dining for a Healthy Return
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Enhance Campus Safety for a Healthy Return
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Monitor Activity for a Healthy Return
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Connect Housing to GET for a Healthy Return
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