Move to Odyssey Direct for more flexibility and increased productivity

Does the downtime required for upgrades and maintenance for your on-premise card system interfere with your productivity? Do you want improved features and enhancements to your campus card program but find yourself held back by limited resources?  

Move to the cloud and enjoy the latest system technology while staying connected all the time. Odyssey Direct is a complete, cloud-based campus card solution that supports a cohesive campus environment while reducing operational costs. Our industry-leading cashless payment system is hosted by CBORD on AWS and easily accessible through a web browser and on mobile devices.  

Why transition to the cloud? 

Odyssey Direct delivers an exceptional user experience while eliminating inconveniences like server issues or downtime for upgrades. Maintenance and upgrades are automated, which means you can rest assured that you’re always on the latest version. Additionally, our system provides virus protection, OS patching, and network backups, as well as continuous systems management, allowing you peace of mind that your data is protected. Odyssey Direct was built with graphical user interface that is identical to the latest versions of Odyssey PCS, so migration and adaptation is smooth and fast for most PCS customers. 

Students benefit from Odyssey Direct too! 

Odyssey Direct boosts student convenience by supporting mobile access through the GET mobile app. Beyond managing their campus card accounts, students can view dining menus, order food, open doors, and present mobile credentials — all from the palm of their hand.  

Make card services even easier to access by expanding one-card acceptance into new areas with Odyssey Direct. Supported points of contact include the following: 

  • Access integration 
  • Dining 
  • Class attendance 
  • Gym 
  • Events 
  • Bookstore 
  • Off location 
  • Laundry 
  • Card production 
  • Vending 
  • Printing 
  • Parking

Flexible configuration options and automation tools help universities build successful auxiliary services environments tailored to each campus’s needs. Integrating with other solutions, like student information, housing, and access control systems creates a seamless campus experience that grows as your needs change. We understand resources are limited, so Odyssey Direct delivers more with less. There is no software to install, no server to maintain, and no database administrator required. Tasks like updates are handled automatically, making it completely hands-off for your IT team. 

Here’s what you get when you transition to Odyssey Direct: 

  • Easy, flexible access from mobile devices and web browsers; no user-interface licensing  
  • No server issues; automated upgrades and maintenance 
  • On-call support 24/7 and data center engineers always monitoring performance  
  • Disaster recovery protection 
  • Easy system configuration and migration  

    Stay connected all the time and enjoy more integration options than ever before: 

    • Full POS and vendor integration options are supported 
    • RESTful web API provides additional functionality and direct access to data 
    • Commerce services integration includes full support of the GET platform; leverage the commerce API for many vendors and points of contact, such as parking or laundry interfaces or bookstore integration 
    • Integrated card production lets you take photos, update patrons, and print cards with full support of HID Fargo Connect and Entrust Adaptive Issuance Instant ID 

      Easy, guided migration process: 

      • Full support, end to end, from our implementation engineers 
      • Migration that is tailored for each customer 
      • Self-paced and customized training 

        Odyssey Direct offers powerful capabilities that deliver access, commerce, and security features with scalable growth opportunities, all without adding overhead. Keep your resources focused on helping students succeed — we’ll take care of the rest. 

        Want to learn more about transitioning to Odyssey Direct? Watch our webinar! 

        Contact CBORD’s higher education team to transition your card system to Odyssey Direct today!