What is new with GET? A lot!

GET is a single mobile application where students (and parents) can manage their campus card accounts. It’s packed full of features, and we’ve rolled out several new features that you may have missed. Read on to learn what’s new! 

Guest Experience 

GET Guest Experience is an optional feature that makes it easier than ever for visitors to your campus to order from your dining venues. Parents and guardians, family and friends, and other frequent visitors, like vendors and contractors, can use the GET app without a campus login by creating their own unique profile to log in. Additionally, the feature allows users to add funds to students’ accounts easily and securely. This allows students’ families (and others) to make deposits into multiple student accounts and store the recipients for future deposits. Users can store a profile and a credit card – and it’s Apple Pay-enabled.  

Guest Experience – Concessions 

The Guest Experience feature also provides a way for parents, family, fans, and other visitors to use in-seat ordering from concessions. Users can order food from concessions with the option to select their seat for food delivery or pickup at your stadium’s concessions stand. You won’t miss a second of the game when your hot dog is delivered straight to your seat! 

Order Check-In 

GET Order Check-In allows users to check in to their online food order by using location services (i.e., proximity to the merchant) or by scanning a QR Code at the location when they arrive. The merchant will display the app for the customer to check in manually upon arrival (if location services is not enabled on their device). Using a rear-facing camera, the customer scans a rotating QR code in the app to check in, which alerts the merchant to start the order/preparation process. This ensures that the food is always freshly prepared with minimal wait time. This app only works for authorized GET merchants and requires local admin access to set up. 

Add to Cart 

Enabling Add to Cart allows patrons to add more items to their existing cart and active order. Patrons may add more items to their cart after submitting an order if the order is still in a pending state. This feature comes along for the ride with Order Check-In and allows users to add more items to their cart before they officially check in at the merchant or by location check-in of the merchant. When new items are added, the patron’s cart will be updated with the new total. 

Scan & Go 

Scan & Go is an optional feature that allows patrons to use their phone to scan barcodes or QR codes tied to menu items. Once scanned, the menu item appears within the app and the patron has the option to increase the amount and then add the item to their cart. Patrons can continue adding new items as needed with the scanning feature.  

Scan & Go is a great option for all c-stores, grab and go offerings, and cafes that want to allow their customers to select and add items on their phone and then check out without having to interact with a register or kiosk.  

Another great way to use Scan & Go is when a customer has placed a pickup order only to realize they would like to add a drink or other item, but they don’t want to wait in the register line. The customer can bring up the Scan Barcode or QR Code option within the app and check out within seconds. 

Multiple MID 

Now, ordering venues defined in your GET system can link to separate merchant accounts. That means you’re able to onboard multiple departments with separate credit card merchant accounts (MIDs) for sales processing and routing.   

This new feature gives you more flexibility and control of how payments are routed. For example, you can have a main credit card account for accepting deposits, typically through the auxiliary services or campus card department, while having different MIDs associated with food merchants, such as a foodservice contractor. There also could be other ordering locations defined in GET that can be linked to additional merchant accounts, like athletics for purchasing tickets for guests, for example.  

Colleges and universities face a unique challenge in satisfying students’ demand for connectivity and convenience while also keeping their personal information safe. GET improves your students’ campus experience and increases campus card use with one feature-rich application. Contact us to learn more about GET today! 


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