You asked for it and we made it happen! Check out the updated GET Order Manager

Our customers are our best advocates and agents for change, which is why CBORD is proud to debut some of your most requested new features in the GET Order Manager app. GET Order Manager was created with our foodservice customers in mind. We wanted to give you the ability to update the preparation status of orders as they pop into the queue while simultaneously sending those status updates to students via GET notifications. 

Making sure our customers have what they need to run their ships smoothly is top priority at CBORD, so keep reading to find out all the new updates that have been added to the GET Order Manager app! 

Cancellations and Refunds Right in the App 

The number one recommendation we received was creating the ability to add a refund and cancel button. Things happen, and our customers need for their POS systems to have a bit of flexibility. Issuing refunds and canceling orders was previously limited to the admin app, and only users who had admin rights had the capability. Now, your front-line managers can make the adjustments themselves, creating a more streamlined process while saving you time and resources.  

Send Status Updates 

GET Order Manager is not just for taking food orders! The app can also be used for sending any important status updates. Need to let your students know it’s time to pick up their ID at the card office? Want to inform someone their tickets for Friday night’s game are ready for pickup? Send these updates through GET Order Manager. GET can be configured to manage all forms of orders and status updates. 

Updated User Interface 

The internet is ever-changing and with that comes the need to update the look and feel of our platforms. While the retro computer theme is making a comeback, our user interface needed a bit of a facelift. We wanted GET Order Manager to be visually appealing, to match the look and feel of all our GET products while simultaneously being easy to use. This will allow us to make further enhancements to the product. 

Custom Messaging 

Want to add a distinctive touch to your status updates? You now have the capability to create custom messages in GET Order Manager. Include pickup instructions, merchant updates, order changes, and more with this new functionality. 

Another notable feature is the capability to deploy an unlimited number of tablets throughout campus and create custom names for each, making merchant and POS management a breeze. Label each tablet based on location (e.g., Student Center or Stadium Ticket Booth). 

Available on iOS 

In the six years that our customers have been using GET Order Manager, it has only been available in Google Play. We are excited for all our iOS users to finally get the opportunity to use GET Order Manager! As a tip, we strongly urge our customers to use GET Order Manager on Android and iOS tablets, rather than other mobile devices, for the best user experience. 

Complimentary System 

GET Order Manager is a separate, auxiliary app that can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play. There is no extra charge or fee to use it, and it isn’t a managed service. Even better: There is no additional hardware needed! All you will need to do is contact support or do it yourself with Food Admin rights via GET Admin and enter the registration key to unlock a brand-new way of managing your orders around campus. 

Make sure you’re getting the most out of the GET Order Manager! Head over to the App Store or Google Play to get your update and start communicating directly with all your student patrons today.  

Contact CBORD to learn more about GET and GET Order Manager today!