Your campus dining program relies on so many moving parts to operate at its fullest potential. Commercial concerns, like sales and cost analysis, must be balanced with foodservice matters, like menu planning and inventory. Add in the demands of students for a convenient, retail-like experience with nutrition and allergen information provided, and a university of any size would be hard-pressed to manage it all with ease.

How can you ensure that all of these priorities receive the attention and support they need for your program to thrive?

CBORD’s cloud-based foodservice solution, NetMenu, brings it all together. NetMenu provides quick access to the critical data you need to run your business and the tools to reduce costs, improve production efficiency, and increase revenue. In this session, we’ll be discussing not only the facts of NetMenu as a solution, but also the benefits NetMenu has brought to a real campus.

Cathy Ness from CBORD will offer insight on transitioning to a cloud-based foodservice tool and provide an overview of what NetMenu can offer your campus dining program. Melissa DaPra, director of dining at St. Norbert College, will share her experiences using NetMenu, from implementation to impact.

Questions? Please email Katelyn Miller, higher education marketing manager

Fully Integrated Foodservice with NetMenu