CBORD Insights™ provides thought leadership based on proprietary research of stakeholders on university and college campuses across America and the world. Learn what your peers are saying about market pain points and technical solutions. 

In a recent CBORD Insights survey, your peers at higher education campuses across America told us how today’s market conditions are impacting foodservice and other operations — and how automation is equipping them to reduce costs.

Watch the on-demand recording of our research-based webinar2023 Top Trends in Campus Automation, and learn how automation addresses today’s major pain points.

Topics include:

  • Which trends are creating the most operational pain points right now
  • How automation in areas like foodservice and commerce meets the need
  • The benefits other campuses are seeing from increased automation
  • How you can roadmap your way to a more connected campus

Presented by:

  • Lorena Harris, Vice President of Marketing, CBORD
  • Heather Whitehouse, Director of Product Management, CBORD

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Research-Based Webinar: Top Trends in Campus Automation

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