Vanderbilt University Goes Mobile

Student ID cards on mobile phones have been used in various ways on college campuses for over a decade. Using both mobile app and NFC technology, CBORD has helped bring convenience and enhanced security to campus card and access customers through the use of digital IDs. 

A new era of mobile credentials launched in fall 2019, with the addition of student IDs in Apple Wallet. Not knowing what was to come in 2020, the idea of safe, secure, contactless credentials began to pique the interest of schools like Vanderbilt University. After COVID hit, it became paramount that a contact-free solution be put in place to ensure a safe reopening for fall 2020. 

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how Vanderbilt University implemented mobile credentials after an impressive three-month process. Hear from Mark Brown, director of business services technology, and Amy Surprenant, manager of card services, on how they rolled out student IDs in Apple Wallet in September 2020, and how they were the first CBORD campus to launch Android mobile credentials in January 2021. 

Joining them is Read Winkelman, vice president of sales at CBORD, who discusses the release of Android mobile credentials. The session concludes with a Q&A with the audience. 

Presented by:

Mark Brown, Vanderbilt University

Amy Surprenant, Vanderbilt University

Read Winkelman, CBORD 


Steve Swingler, CBORD

Mbagnick Thiam, CBORD

Vanderbilt University Goes Mobile

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