Reconciliation is one of the most important tasks for a system administrator and is fundamental to ensuring you have a complete and accurate record of your financials.

CBORD’s Odyssey and POS systems require daily reconciliation so any issues are known immediately to the system administrator, allowing for quicker resolution and avoiding impact for the business and the customer. 

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how you can prevent financial disasters before they happen by performing daily reconciliation between your CBORD card system and your Oracle POS system.

We discuss how daily reconciliation helps:

  • Prevent unnecessary loss of funds
  • Prevent theft or fraud
  • Prevent tax related issues
  • Ensure you have a complete and accurate record of your company’s financials.  

The system administrator should balance transactions between Odyssey or CS Gold systems to the Simphony 1x/2x systems, RES 3700 systems, and their credit card systems. It is critical to know that student transactions, department transactions, credit card transactions, and cash transactions are all processing correctly, posting to the appropriate systems, and balance with each other.  

Presented by:

  • Jason Moulton, Implementation Specialist, CBORD

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Why Reconcile Your CBORD Card System and POS?

Learn how daily reconciliation prevents financial disasters before they happen.