Healthcare Professionals See the Benefits of CBORD Certification at UGC

Rhonda Prickett is a Senior Business Analyst in the IT Department at Cook Children's Health Care System in Fort Worth, TX. In her twenty years at Cook Children’s she has learned many skills to overcome the obstacles that come with the job. Some important skills were learned though certification classes at the CBORD® annual User Group Conference.

Menu Items and Touchscreens

“I had a challenge when trying to use the Micros® POS Configuration for the Menu Items and Touchscreens,” she recently told us. She attended a certification class for Menu Items and Touchscreen at UGC 2013 and that was when everything came together. “I got the first certification, and the next year I returned for the advanced certification,” she said. “I also received the Micros 3700 Advanced Menu Items and Touchscreens Certification. This helped me out in so many situations here at Cook Children's Health Care System.”

Returning to work armed with these certifications, Rhonda was able to fix issues with the Micros 3700 POS Configurator as soon as they came up. She told us that there have been many times that her CBORD certification helped her work, and shared one such experience with us.

Knowledge Put to Use

“The department needed a discount button added to their touchscreen, and so I had to set up the discount and then build it and add it to their touchscreen. I was able to lay it out on the screen by creating the size, color and placing it where I needed it to be on the display . . . Because of the class, I was able to resolve the issue very quickly,” she said.

This is just one of the many times that CBORD certifications allowed Rhonda to assist her customers with a first-call resolution, without the need to reach out to support for assistance.

Minimizing Downtime in Camelot Court

Rhonda detailed an issue with a Micros register in the popular Camelot Court dining area, pictured above. One register became inoperable, leaving them with only three. The time to order and install a new one would have meant six weeks of downtime, Rhonda explained. “Luckily, we had an additional register that I had saved from another area we previously upgraded,” she said.

Rhonda configured the register using skills she acquired through certification at UGC, as well as having assisted in previous upgrade processes. “We continued business in Camelot Court with minimal downtime, avoiding a loss of approximately $8,000.00,” she said. “There definitely would have been more downtime if I had not been able to assist.”

This incident demonstrated to Cook Children’s that the benefits of attending UCG are well worth the expenditure. Rhonda is confident that she can resolve issues without contacting support or getting others involved “about 80% of the time. And with the time I save, I am able to focus on other IT issues or application upgrades for our organization.”

Skills at Work

Rhonda sums up the benefits of attending UGC certifications this way: “I think the CBORD certification classes are giving healthcare professionals like me an opportunity to build knowledge and skill sets that we can take back to our organizations, share with others, and use the knowledge in our work.”

We couldn't agree more.

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