Higher Education- Supporting You Through COVID-19

Colleges and universities across the nation are facing unprecedented circumstances, with most being forced to close campus and transition to remote learning mid-semester. While many students have another home to go to, there are thousands across the country who have nowhere else to go. As a result, university staff must create new procedures and ways to house and feed these students.

CBORD has spent more than 45 years helping higher education institutions create connected campuses. Our dedication is not wavering, and we’re here to help in any way possible. Over the coming weeks, we’ll collect resources to help you adapt your operations to protect your students, faculty, and staff, while also providing the services many of them need.


Our higher education and healthcare teams are organizing virtual events to better prepare you to adapt and react to the evolving situation involving COVID-19.

  • Watch on-demand webinars related to COVID-19 response across the nation.
  • Look for upcoming webinars that will cover topics on food and nutrition, housing, campus security, and auxiliary services.

Campus Housing

Immediate priorities include moving students off campus who have other accommodations and consolidating housing for students in isolation or who cannot relocate on short notice.

Dining Operations

In addition to housing, dining programs are shifting operations to meet the needs of students left on or near campus.

Sanitizing Equipment

We’ve received guidance from several of our partners on how to clean and sanitize printers, point of sale hardware, and other equipment to ensure a safe return to campus. It is recommended that you use a 70% alcohol solution on a clean rag. Start with the screen, then casework, and work your way down to the stand. We’ve been cautioned against using any solution over 70% alcohol, any solution with bleach, or ammonia, as these could etch the touchscreen or discolor the casework.

Links to guidance from our partners include:

Emergency Planning for Customers

Our support and training teams are creating a library of free tutorials to help CBORD healthcare and higher ed customers maximize their software solutions. We currently have videos on FoodserviceSuite,  NetMenu, and CS Access. To view content, visit our eLearning website and click on the Emergency Planning library under Resources. A CBORD Support login is required to access this content.

Industry Associations

Many of the higher education associations we’re a part of are creating resource pages and hosting virtual roundtables for members. For details, visit their websites:

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We’ll continue to post relevant and timely content as it’s available. In the meantime, and as always, reach out if you need anything.

We’re in this together and we will help you succeed.

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