Hospital IT Teams Get a New Partner

Did you know CBORD offers services to help local IT teams optimize our systems? We asked Director of Managed Services Scott Radloff about his team and the new CBORD® Monitor ServiceTM.

Tell us about the Managed Services team and what you do for CBORD customers.

Our team of experts help customers streamline the adoption of new features and supplement onsite personnel by delivering administrative services, customizations, and dedicated assistance.

We try to make sure that every customer can improve their operations using CBORD technology regardless of size or onsite expertise. Sometimes it’s as simple as delivering an upgrade along with a new module installation, other times it’s a consultation about system customizations.

What are some of the challenges faced by IT departments in healthcare organizations?

Security. Healthcare customers have to keep in mind that their CBORD supported systems often contain protected health information (PHI) and are subject to HIPAA regulations. Others fall into the customer’s PCI compliance and audit processes. Any service we offer has to meet customer security requirements.

Availability. Customers’ hours of operation are constantly expanding and keeping our systems healthy is critical to meet patient safety standards in the back of house and generate revenue at the point of sale. We offer a flexible service delivery window to keep our customers’ systems available when patrons need them.

Mobility. Systems that used to reside on small servers—often in the diet office—have expanded to meet technological trends and customer demand. There are more server environments to care for than there used to be. As our systems continue to expand, the infrastructure backing them has to increase as well.

What is the new CBORD Monitor Service designed to do for customers?

The new monitoring service allows our team to work more closely with our customers. It offers us the opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive and to keep an eye on vital systems. Tracking system performance, patch level, uptime and service status in real time puts us ahead of the curve if there’s a problem.

Monitoring lets us identify performance issues before there’s an outage. We can act faster, drive resolution, and improve performance, uptime, and general usability.

What future enhancements to the Monitor Service are you working on?

Monitoring is the foundation of the framework on which we’re building additional services to be released throughout the year. We have cloud backup services and Windows patch management on the horizon.

The goal is to offer scalable services to meet the customer at whatever level of service they require, and help our customers get the most out of CBORD technology.

Managed Services Webinar

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