Hospitals are Cashing in on Cashless

Nationwide the healthcare industry is cashing in on cashless, making the switch from registers to cashless payment solutions over past preferred methods including debit and credit cards.

It’s a trend that’s gained momentum and is becoming common place in the modern hospital network for managed foodservice facilities including hospital cafeterias and retirement dining rooms.

Cashless solutions, such as payroll deduction and mobile payments, boast a number of benefits including greater sales volume. It’s a benefit that’s causing other facilities to take pause and perhaps consider this question.

Is cashless dining the way to go?

Going cashless not only eliminates credit card transaction fees, but also decreases the average time per transaction leading to speedier lines and an improved guest and employee dining experience.

Offering guests the option to pay for meals quickly and easily through cashless payments is a benefit that Levi Devries, the assistant director of retail at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, said helped increased customer satisfaction.

“We have a lot of staff with short breaks and with payroll deduction, we’re moving people through the lines. That’s increased satisfaction for them and ultimately more revenue for us,” said Devries.

Within a fast-moving environment such as a hospital, time is of the essence. Incorporating a cashless system can provide staff with a seamless customer experience while giving a healthcare organization the tools it needs to streamline its foodservice program.

Not only did the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics experience increased employee and guest satisfaction ratings but using payroll deduction through CBORD’s Odyssey platform has sped up each cashless transaction to 8 seconds compared to cash and credit card transactions that ranged from 15 to 23 seconds.

“Through payroll deduction, that 8 seconds per transaction means time saved, which is 183 days per year compared to cash transitions,” said Devries.

It is the ease of use both operationally and for customers that continues to drive cashless solutions.

And without a doubt, generating more revenue is arguably one of the most compelling reasons for switching or incorporating a cashless transaction system at your managed foodservice facility.

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