IDEMIA MorphoWave Biometric Readers at the University of Rhode Island

After the COVID-19 pandemic drastically altered operations at the University of Rhode Island, dining services was tasked with replacing an old system that required meal-plan users to physically touch a biometric reader to gain access to the dining halls. Becky Estey had seen IDEMIA’s MorphoWave reader at CBORD’s User Group Conference in 2019, and immediately knew the contactless biometric readers could be their answer. Now installed at the entrance of each dining hall, the MorphoWave is a simple solution where meal plan holders wave their hands through a reader to gain access to the dining hall, while a meal is simultaneously deducted from their plan. The quick transaction, which takes less than a second to process, keeps lines moving along and prevents bottlenecks during busy meal periods. Hear how the MorphoWave has helped increase efficiency and serve more students faster at URI.