Increase Retail Spend with the Employee ID

We've been thinking a lot lately about the impact technology can have on operations and productivity. But we've also been thinking about the impact it can have on revenue.

Have you ever taken a hard look at the time, energy, and money you currently expend on HR, accounting, and operations to manage your various meal plan accounts, your payroll deduction options, your volunteer vouchers, and your gift cards? How about calculating the hard costs associated with accepting credit and debit cards for payment in your dining facilities and at your vending machines? When you add it all together, it can be staggering.

What if we told you that the employee ID badge holds the key to increased productivity and increased revenue? What if it could also be an important employee benefit?

It can.

We have leveraged more than 40 years of experience with 500+ healthcare organizations around the world to show you how something as simple as the employee ID badge can have a big impact on productivity, revenue and employee satisfaction.

Learn more in our webinar featuring New Hanover Regional Medical Center and their successful payroll deduction program.