Improve Patient Satisfaction with Personalized Service

Whether your hospital serves 50 or 5,000 patients with on-demand room service or a traditional tray line, CBORD’s solutions help you manage multiple diet orders, meet individual nutritional requirements, and ensure patient safety and regulatory compliance for every meal you serve, every time.

Use the latest technology to automate the complexities of safely feeding your patients. With CBORD, you get powerful clinical tools that make it easy to ensure safety and compliance with prescribed diets.

An HL7 Diet Orders interface with your patient information system provides real-time diet information for patient meal ordering. As orders are placed, the system confirms each item for dietary compliance, ensuring that the patient does not receive a food he or she should not eat. Clinicians can enter patient-specific notes in the system, which are always accessible to staff taking meal orders.

Establish nutrient goals for each diet, as well as for individual patients, by meal and by day. As orders are entered, your staff views our dynamic nutrient tracking system with a comparison to goals that helps them guide patients to make appropriate choices.

Meal Ordering
By providing a range of meal ordering options, you not only improve patient satisfaction, you also reduce call volume in your call center and minimize the demand for bedside assistance.

CBORD’s solutions display the same patient-specific menus that only include allowed items based on diet orders, allergies, and preferences whether orders are placed via:

  • Mobile bedside assistance
  • Call center
  • In-room entertainment systems
  • CBORD Patient app

Patient Self-Ordering App
Along with your standard room service meal ordering methods, patients can use the CBORD Patient app to self-order from menus that are specific to their diet order and any allergy restrictions. The app securely connects to hospital information systems and CBORD’s food and nutrition systems to ensure patients only view foods appropriate for them to order. The CBORD Patient app also helps limit personal interactions for social distancing.

Requirements and circumstances change from facility to facility—sometimes from nursing unit to nursing unit—so some ordering methods might be more appropriate than others for a given situation. CBORD gives you the ability to offer patients the best meal ordering options for their needs and the flexibility to change at any time.

Meal Service
No matter how your hospital kitchen serves patient meals, Room Service Choice fully supports and enhances your process with the most robust features in the industry to support you along the way.

Room Service Choice gives you a web-based, mobile meal ordering application that lets you offer staff-assisted entry of patient and guest meal selections in the patient’s room or in a call center for either on-demand room service delivery or traditional tray line meal service.

To add precision to the workflow of hotel-style room service, CBORD offers Tray Monitor so hospitals can monitor the progression of a meal order from the time a ticket is printed in the kitchen until the food tray is delivered to the patient. The solution records information at each stage of every order, allowing staff to identify any roadblocks and improve efficiency.

CBORD’s Mobile Intake solution helps hospitals address malnutrition by tracking nutritional intake. Employees use a mobile device to record intake as they collect trays. Hospitals get real-time reporting on exactly which foods are consumed and how much is wasted. This data also enables hospitals to effectively monitor and target patients at risk, so steps can be taken to improve intake to reduce length of stay and re-admittance rates.


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Operate a lean, agile foodservice program with an integrated, leading-edge technology solution. Use smart tools for everything from menu and recipe planning to nutrition analysis, food production, inventory management, and more.

Retail & POS

Cards & Credentials

Add convenience to the workday by letting staff use their ID card or mobile credential throughout the hospital for purchases at your dining venues, gift shops, c-stores, vending machines, and more. Support social distancing, drive revenue, simplify break times, and improve satisfaction.

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Patient Nutrition

Manage the complexities of safely feeding patients with smart tools and leading-edge technology. Provide a personalized meal ordering experience that ensures compliance and patient safety for every meal you serve, every time.

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Simplify the way employees pay for meals, products, and services during the workday. Employees simply open an app on their mobile device and manage their account, use the app as a mobile ID, pay for purchases, place orders for food, and more.

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Retail & Point of Sale

Streamline and modernize your POS processes with the latest in hardware and software. Offer online ordering and payment options that support social distancing in all your food service, gift shop, and convenience store locations.

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Access & Security

Security and access control require a mix of precision and flexibility on a healthcare campus. Use one cohesive system for a complete view of your security operations, allowing you to monitor and manage all access, privileges, and transactions in real-time.


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