Build an integrated campus-wide solution that encompasses ID cards and credentials, access and security, foodservice and nutrition, retail and point of sale, housing management, and commerce.

Cards & Credentials

Campus IDs and credentials are at the center of college life. They serve as identification, provide physical access to buildings and rooms, and enable payments on and off campus. Accelerate your card program with on-premise and cloud-based options.  

Campus Cards and Credentials


Simplify student life with one mobile app that streamlines student engagement with campus services. Students simply open the app on their Android or iOS device, scan the barcode, and go. You can also expand the reach of your campus card program off campus by engaging local merchants to accept campus IDs as payment.

Retail & Point of Sale

Whether your operation is small or has multiple dining venues and retail locations, streamline and modernize your point-of-sale processes with the latest hardware and software. Easily provide access to nutritional and allergen information, and offer online ordering and flexible payment options that support social distancing. 

Retail and POS


Lean processes need to drive every campus foodservice program. Universities are facing campus-wide budget cuts, customers are spending less, and shortages in the supply chain are making items difficult to stock. Maintain a strong dining program with smart tools for menu planning, inventory management, and food production.

Access & Security

Physical safety is top of mind for everyone on campus. Enable your security staff to control and monitor who has access to buildings at which times, grant or revoke that access easily, and quickly lock down a building or group of buildings during an emergency.

Access and Security

Student Housing

Provide an exceptional student housing experience with CBORD’s leading-edge tools for managing all aspects of residence life. With automatic room assignments, student self-service, and automated check-in, you can redefine the way you manage student housing and how students experience your program.

Customer Stories

UGryd at Jackson State University

CBORD’s off-campus program, UGryd, allows colleges and universities to extend campus card use to include local dining and retail merchants. Students are able to dine or shop at partner locations and use their student ID card as the method of payment.

CS Access at Carlton University

Dave Brown, Manager, Ancillary Systems at Carlton University, discusses their integrated security system on campus.

Odyssey Direct at Grinnell College

Troy Honeycutt, Business Process Analyst/Programmer at Grinnell College, discussing moving their campus card system to cloud-based Odyssey Direct.

CS Gold at Clemson University

Matthew Tegen, Director, Systems and Operations at Clemson University, discusses the CS Gold card solution.


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