A Connected Campus Starts with Your Student ID

Your card program is at the center of college life, allowing access to important services both on and off campus. 

With today’s students demanding more connectivity and convenience than ever before, you need a reliable solution that simplifies campus management while supporting the latest technology. 

Use the best of new technologies to meet ever-growing expectations and rapidly changing requirements with CBORD’s card and credential solutions for higher education.

Empower your campus card to serve as identification, provide physical access to buildings and rooms, and enable payments on and off campus. Streamline your auxiliary services into one robust, comprehensive environment that serves as the hub of your connected campus.

Enable Frictionless Credential Options
As campus credential technology has advanced through the years, so has the demand to expand beyond a traditional plastic card. With CBORD, schools can future proof their programs to include modern, contactless technology such as biometrics, mobile applications, and digital credentials.

Provide Contactless, Mobile IDs
Let your students move effortlessly through campus with digital student IDs for Android phones, Apple Watch, or iPhone. Mobile credentials provide a contactless, secure, and convenient way for students to access services, open doors, and complete transactions.

Campus Cards and Credentials
Campus Cards and Credentials

Students and staff appreciate the safety and convenience of a single credential they can use across campus and beyond:

  • Access a residence hall and pay for laundry
  • Use a meal plan
  • Pay for dining and retail items from on-campus locations and off-campus partner merchants
  • Check account balances and loyalty rewards

By providing secure access to integrated auxiliary services using multiple credential options, you will create a seamless student experience and ensure your campus is ready for the future.

Choose On-Premise or Cloud-Hosted
CBORD offers both on-premise and cloud-based options, and both offer powerful capabilities that deliver access, commerce, and security features with scalable growth opportunities. CS Gold and Odyssey Direct help schools:

  • Build a connected campus with powerful, flexible card systems from CBORD
  • Deliver an exceptional student experience with the latest technology
  • Gain business insights to increase engagement and inform strategic planning


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How We Help Throughout Campus

Card and Credentials

Cards & Credentials

Campus IDs and credentials are at the center of college life. They serve as identification, provide physical access to buildings and rooms, and enable payments on and off campus. Accelerate your card program with on-premise and cloud-based options.

Access and Security

Access & Security

Physical safety is top of mind for everyone on campus. Enable your security staff to control and monitor who has access to buildings at which times, automatically grant or revoke privileges, and remotely lock down buildings during an emergency.

Retail and Point of Sale

Retail & Point of Sale

Whether you have one or multiple dining venues and retail locations, streamline and modernize your point-of-sale processes with the latest in hardware and software. Offer online ordering and healthy payment options that support social distancing.



Simplify student life with one mobile app that streamlines student engagement with campus services and expands the reach of your campus card program. For any card and account-related activity, students simply open the GET app, scan the barcode, and go.



Operate a lean foodservice program with an integrated, leading-edge technology solution. Use smart tools from CBORD for menu planning, food production, and continuous evaluation to maintain a strong dining program in the new normal.