Higher Education Webinars

A New Wave in Campus Dining

Colleges and universities are implementing innovative technology to improve the student dining experience. Contactless biometric devices are being used to reduce long lines and provide easy access during peak mealtimes. With a simple wave of the hand, students can gain entry to and pay for meals in campus dining centers. Join our webinar on January


The CBORD Connected Campus

What are you doing to enhance the student experience on your campus? Do you offer the technology and services students want? What exactly do they want? In October, we surveyed higher education staff members, students, and parents on ID card and credentials solutions, services offered, and the technology they want to see on campus. Join


Promoting GET CBORD Student on Your Campus

Did you know CBORD offers marketing support to promote GET CBORD Student and UGryd on your campus? From posters to stickers, email templates to digital graphics, we can help you create custom marketing materials to expand your campus card program. Watch our on-demand webinar with Amanda Correa, eCommerce marketing manager, as she introduces you to:

CBORD Student Rewards

How to Create a Student Loyalty Program

Students love getting free stuff. Your university wants to increase retail purchases and boost event attendance. So why not reward students for using their campus card? GET CBORD Student allows you to provide incentives through your campus card system and customize a loyalty program to fit the needs of your campus. You can provide automated


Card Issuance Made Easy with HID FARGO Connect

Ready to learn more? Contact CBORD's higher education sales team. Email us! Do you want to simplify and streamline your card production process? With HID FARGO Connect, you can create and issue secure ID cards from any device, anywhere. The cloud-based solution eliminates the need to be tied to a specific workstation and allows you


Mobile Inventory: Work Where the Work Is

CBORD® Mobile InventoryTM is the next generation of inventory management software, designed to simplify workflows by letting people work where the work is. It connects securely to core CBORD systems such as Foodservice Suite®, NetMenu®, and CBORD FusionTM, eliminating the need for paper inventory counts and ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and data integrity. The latest version


Go for Gold: Advance Your CS Gold System

Does your CS Gold system do everything you need it to do? Would you like to expand and evolve your campus card solution? CBORD Managed Services can help you adopt new features and functions to get the most out of CS Gold and your campus card program. Go beyond the status quo and utilize ongoing


An In-Depth Look at TruCredential with CS Gold

Ready to convert your campus from IDWorks to TruCredential? Join us for a more in-depth look at the technical requirements for running TruCredential with CS Gold. We’ll show you how to: Design a card with drag-and-drop functionality Batch print and remotely print cards via Web CardLink Configure CS Gold smart card mapping Replace VB Scripting

GET CBORD Student App

Introducing CBORD’s New Student App

CBORD is proud to announce the latest development in mobile applications -- GET CBORD StudentTM. This all-inclusive app will transform the way students access campus card-related services. In this webinar, Rob Wakelee, product owner, talks through: Benefits of GET CBORD Student App features and overview Starting a student loyalty program The CBORD Platform Students will


Housing Management Made Easy with ResCenter

Triplicate forms. Paper, paper, paper. Long lines. Manual assignments in a spreadsheet. Those working in residential life know all about it. Do you know managing on-campus housing can be easier? CBORD’s ResCenter is a web-based housing solution that allows you to manage room assignments, check-in and check-out, maintenance requests, room inspections, and more all from