Each long-term care community has unique dining and regulatory needs. CBORD is the only provider to satisfy them all with a single, web-based platform. Intelligent controls and efficient processes in dining operations are the keys to delighting residents and managing costs. CBORD's experience with implementing software for multi-site operations will help fulfill your vision.

NetMenu® PlannerTM provides the tools you need to centrally manage your menu planning across multi-site operations, and it's easily accessible via any Internet connection. This web-based menu planning software package can be used alone or in conjunction with CBORD's Menu Planning & Publishing Suite. It supports editable diet-specific menus, ingredient and recipe creation, nutritional analysis, cost analysis, menu planning and diet spreadsheet reports, scaled recipes, and purchase requirements based on diet census.

NetMenu Planner is specifically designed to meet the needs of larger, complex care providers, offering a completely integrated menu planning solution in a single enterprise database. Multi-site organizations can harness the power of NetMenu Planner to decrease data entry, instantly update standards, and share common recipes and settings across the organization.

GeriMenu® has a Resident Meal Planning Module providing management tools designed to help you run your nutrition department more efficiently than ever before. Production support capabilities connect your menus to resident preferences and to kitchen operations, decreasing costly food waste as well as product shortages.

Long-term care organizations must balance a thriving business with appealing to ever more demanding consumers. Residents want more choice over how they spend their money, and healthcare facilities are adopting cashless payment systems at their retail dining operations to enable flexibility. With CBORD systems, residents can choose from a variety of different dining options inside and outside the senior living community.

CBORD’s NetNutrition® is designed with today's sophisticated senior in mind. It’s an online solution allowing residents, guests, and staff to view menu offerings filtered by dining location, allergens, or other preferences (heart healthy, vegetarian, locally grown, etc.), and see nutritional information not only for specific menu items, but for entire meals or days. Fully integrated with Foodservice Suite®, NetNutrition is powered by your menu data, eliminating the need to update each system individually, and providing your patrons with the best information to help them make healthy, informed choices.

NetMenu® TrayCardTM is a web-based residential meal service solution featuring a resident card file, sanitary single-use tray cards, production tallies, weight tracking, and access to a wide range of resident reports. NetMenu TrayCard provides a simple and cost-effective method for fulfilling resident foodservice preferences, addressing safety concerns, and improving operational efficiency.

Resident health and wellness is the highest priority in any long-term care community. Providing patrons a range of dining options, with clear notification of allergen and nutritional information, greatly increases overall wellness and satisfaction.

Long-term care communities are quickly discovering the benefits of using cashless payment systems. Whether it's a dollar amount per day or a certain number of meals per month, CBORD has a meal plan solution that's perfect for your residents. Your operation can employ a comprehensive cashless retail system bringing together multiple locations and revenue centers, with flexible and customizable solutions from CBORD. Best of all, our cashless systems can help your facility increase staff and resident satisfaction alike, as well as overall convenience.

The Odyssey DirectTM cashless system enables your residents and staff to use their ID badges to pay for products and services across your campus. Cashless retail applications are endless: coffee carts, prepared-meal sales, fitness centers, beauty salons, outside vendors, pharmacies, gift shops, and more. Increase your employee and resident satisfaction while also providing your management team with valuable reports, resulting in reduced administrative overhead and increased performance.

Odyssey Direct also offers residents different types of plans and payment structures. Declining balance accounts that are part of the monthly fee, charge accounts for certain resident groups, and visitor meals are all included.

CBORD helps you create a safe home so family and staff are all assured that residents are safe and sound. This starts with providing access security, with credentials that are easily granted and changed from a central location. Residents can feel safe knowing that an integrated security system is providing a secure environment.

CS AccessTM handles the uniquely complex access control issues facing long-term care facilities, easily accommodating hundreds of residents, along with their visitors, family, and guests. Combined with a comprehensive line of intelligent control panels and the latest readers and credentials, CBORD’s extensive experience with access control and security helps provide a state-of-the-art access control solution that goes well beyond the process of unlocking doors.

CBORD’s Integrated Security Solutions (ISS) make everyday tasks like controlling access to restricted or sensitive areas, advanced door control, and video surveillance effortless. The system can include parking gates, elevators, and more. ISS brings flexible, IP-based access control to your facility, including seamless video integration for ease of monitoring and review, alarm management, and emergency notifications via email, cell phone, and more.

Controlling inmate cost per day and staying within state-regulated nutritional guidelines are priorities for any foodservice operation in a corrections setting. Our solutions can keep you within your budget while maintaining nutritional standards, whether working with one facility or multiple facilities. Engineer the menus you need for your corrections foodservice setting using NetMenu® from CBORD.

NetMenu TrayCardTM is a web-based meal service module featuring an inmate card file, sanitary single-use tray cards, production tallies, weight tracking, and access to a wide range of reports. NetMenu TrayCard provides a simple and cost-effective method for fulfilling inmate food preferences, addressing safety concerns, and improving operational efficiency. Multi-site foodservice operators can use NetMenu TrayCard to significantly reduce data entry, instantly update standards, and share common foods and settings across the organization.

The NetMenu data hierarchy model enables corporate dietitians to establish standards for diet restrictions, allergens, supplements, nourishment, adaptive equipment, and common preferences. At the same time, the system is flexible and allows sites to meet the unique needs of their inmate population.

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