Improve Satisfaction with Personalized Service

Use the latest technology to help manage the complexities of safely feeding your residents.
With CBORD and Horizon, you get powerful clinical tools that make it easy to ensure safety and compliance with prescribed diets while increasing resident satisfaction.

An HL7 Diet Orders interface with your resident information system provides real-time diet information for resident meal ordering. As orders are placed, the system confirms each item for dietary compliance, ensuring that the resident does not receive a food he or she should not eat. Clinicians can enter resident-specific notes in the system, which are always accessible to staff taking meal orders.

Establish nutrient goals for each diet, as well as for individual residents, by meal and by day. As orders are entered, your staff views our dynamic nutrient tracking system with a comparison to goals that helps them guide residents to make appropriate choices.

Meal Ordering
You can take resident meal selections in a variety of ways, enabling you to adjust operations during pandemics and other emergencies.

  • Traditional paper menus
  • Personalized menus for tableside ordering assistance using a mobile device
  • Personalized order-ahead and bedside ordering assistance using a mobile device
  • Phone orders into a central call center

The system includes three components for resident meal ordering, and each component creates cost-saving efficiencies and ensures that residents are offered menu options conforming to their nutritional needs, preferences, allergies, consistency modifications, and diet order.

NetMenu Tray Card provides a simple and cost-effective method for fulfilling resident food service preferences and addressing safety concerns with sanitary single-use tray cards.

NetMenu Tray Ticket tracks residents’ diet orders, allergies and preferences and applies them to the menu you’ve planned for accurate kitchen production tallies and meal service. This module includes a comprehensive electronic card file that is automatically updated with the latest diet order, allergy, admission, discharge, and transfer information via real-time interfaces.


    NetMenu Selective Dining gives you mobile order-ahead and tableside meal ordering with resident-specific menus. Employees can be confident they will always serve the right food to the right resident, reducing risk and increasing satisfaction.

    Levels of Care
    Requirements and circumstances change between different levels of care, so some ordering methods might be more appropriate than others for a given situation. CBORD gives you the ability to offer residents the best meal ordering options for their needs and the flexibility to change at any time.

    You have the choice to offer staff-assisted entry of resident meal selections at tableside or by going room to room with a mobile device.

    The bedside and call center ordering options are each designed to support the subtle differences in workflows between the call center and bedside entry. 

    Independent Living
    Restaurant table service functionality – Mobile tableside ordering or room-to-room ordering – Online and self-ordering – Unlimited meal plans, accounts, rollovers, and billing

    Assisted Living
    Mobile order-ahead and tableside ordering – Show resident preferences, diets, and allergies – Track resident and guest usage

    Skilled Nursing
    Track resident tickets and cards – Display resident preferences and adaptive equipment – Take resident orders room-to-room with a mobile device

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    Your residents will enjoy the personalized ordering experience, and your staff will appreciate the modern tools that make it easy to serve your residents safely.

    How We Help Throughout Your Community

    Retail & POS

    Card and Credentials

    Add convenience for your residents. Let them use their ID badge or mobile credential and gift cards throughout the community for purchases at your dining venues, gift shops, c-stores, vending machines, concierge desk, and more.

    Chef preparing food


    Operate an efficient foodservice program with the latest technology. Use smart tools for everything from menu and recipe planning to nutrition analysis, food production, inventory management, and more.

    Access & Security Card

    Access and Security

    Security and access control present unique challenges in senior living. Use one cohesive system for a complete view of your security operations, allowing you to monitor and manage all access, privileges, and transactions in real-time.

    Healthcare Ad

    Resident Nutrition

    Safely feed your residents using smart tools and leading-edge technology. Provide a personalized meal ordering experience that ensures compliance and resident safety for every meal, every time.

    Healthcare employee ordering food


    Simplify the way residents pay for meals, products, and services during the workday. Residents simply open an app on their mobile device and manage their account, use the app as a mobile ID, pay for purchases, place meal orders, and more.

    Retail purchase

    Retail & Point of Sale

    Streamline and modernize your POS processes with the latest in hardware and software. Offer online ordering and payment options that support social distancing in all your food service, gift shop, and convenience store locations.