Introducing CBORD’s Marketing Scholar Internship Program

A Dynamic Vehicle for Increasing Participation on Campus

In my role as a marketing coordinator for CBORD’s eCommerce solutions, I am responsible for helping universities spread the word about our GET CBORD Student app that simplifies student life on campus. Our goal is to raise awareness of GET CBORD Student and how it provides access to campus services right from a smartphone.

Being a GET CBORD Student user, both as a former student and now as an employee, I knew we needed to be front and center with students to educate them on the ways the app can improve student life and overall convenience. I also knew from experience that looking for a suitable internship in your field of study is quite the task. Most of the opportunities were unpaid or only offered experience with a certain skill I needed. Knowing this situation and understanding that my new role required me to find new ways to help universities boost participation, it was clear to me that we needed to start a paid marketing internship program.

I’m excited to announce that we now have a fully operating internship program. Students obtain real life marketing experience and exposure to corporate marketing tools and tactics, while also helping us relate better to their peers as they encourage them to take advantage of the benefits GET CBORD Student provides,

The field internship is currently in beta at Auburn University focusing on GET CBORD Student Food and Ordering for on-campus dining purchases and online ordering, as well as UGryd for off-campus purchases. Two seniors with a marketing focus were interviewed and selected to represent CBORD at Auburn. Assignments and responsibilities include: hosting internal webinars, conducting research, posting on social media, creating content, and much more.

At the end of this paid internship, they will have earned letters of recommendation, references, resume help, and real-life marketing experience. The eCommerce marketing team will showcase our interns’ work in a series of blog posts pertaining to their experiences using the TigerCard on- and off-campus at Auburn. Stay tuned to read all about it! 

Benjamin Flynn Ryan
eCommerce Marketing Coordinator, CBORD  

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