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We’ve been working on an exciting new project, the CBORD Community Forum.

What is it?

The CBORD Community Forum is intended to promote customer engagement and facilitate conversations around CBORD-related topics.

It allows CBORD customers to create and participate in discussions with peers and colleagues around the world. Most importantly, it gives community members an easy way to share best practices, find solutions to common issues, and benefit from one another’s experience.

How do I join the forum?

You can find the forum on the top menu of, under Community.

Use your CBORD client login (the same one you use for CBORD support). The first time you log in, or if you log out and log back in again, you will click the “Sign In with CBORD Clients” link you see in the upper right.

What can I do on the forum?

Forum members can create and comment on discussions, create and respond to polls, search for topics, create groups, and send messages. You can upload a profile picture and set notification preferences. The forum theme is optimized for mobile use, so it works great on your phone as well as your desktop.

What CAN’T I do on the forum?

You can’t be rude, abusive, or inappropriate—obviously!

You can’t enter support tickets or expect that someone from CBORD support will promptly answer any question. The forum provides a way for you to share your experience, help others when you can, and learn best practices from folks who have been there and done that.

Our support team works very hard to ensure customer issues are addressed diligently and methodically. If you really need to speak with support, call 844.GO CBORD (844.462.2673) and select Option 1 or visit the CBORD support web portal.

Will CBORD be reading everything I write?

No. CBORD employees will periodically monitor the forum, but like the Listservs before, this forum is intended for peer-to-peer communications among customers. Generally, you won’t see posts from CBORD outside of the “Announcements from CBORD” category.

After some time, super-helpful users on the forum will be promoted to Moderators who will help ensure everything runs smoothly.

How does this affect the CS Gold® Listserv?

It doesn’t. The CS Gold Listserv maintained by Nathan Gray at James Madison University remains active and will continue.

What’s next?

To get started, click here to log in. Create and comment on discussions, and enjoy interacting with other folks who know a thing or two about the work you do.

If you have any questions or any suggestions for improvement, we want to hear from you! Please email the forum team.

On behalf of the entire CBORD team, thank you for participating!

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