Learn How Inline Personalization Simplifies Complex Issuance Processes

No longer a novelty, contactless smart cards are now a large part of daily life on campus for many colleges and universities. Today’s smart IDs serve not only as photo identification, but also as access cards, debit cards and even mass transit passes in major cities across the world. While student cards have become smarter, often times the process to issue these contactless smart cards is more complex and challenging than their mag stripe predecessor. See how HID FARGO Connect and CBORD are working together to simplify the personalization process of contactless smart cards and hear from the University of Connecticut as they share experiences in moving to this enhanced process.

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Hosted by HID

Presented by:

Stephanie Kernozicky, University of Connecticut
Nils Wahlander, HID
Wes Urban, CBORD
Jeff Wile, CBORD

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