Level Up Your Card Issuance Process

This academic year feels distinctly different than any other as we all navigate the challenges our new world and new era of work have brought us. Your campus is likely taking steps to implement policies and procedures to ensure students and faculty are safe this school year and in the future. Most are encouraging social distancing, offering remote work to faculty and staff, and moving students to some form of distance learning.

The student card issuance process is not immune to these challenges, and many higher education institutions are struggling with how to issue credentials safely and securely. Typically, the issuance of a new credential is done in person and may require multiple on-site visits that include waiting in line with other students, capturing a photo, and possibly signing documents. These activities can be stressful and put students and faculty at risk.

CBORD and HID Global can help you create a safer card issuance process for your campus community. We recently hosted a session during CBORD Connect to showcase how our two solutions work together to level up the card issuance process. Joining us were George Washington University and Carleton University to share their real-life experiences moving to HID® FARGO® Connect™ for card issuance.

“FARGO Connect during this pandemic has been very essential. The ability to be able to print remotely from CBORD’s software to HID FARGO Connect has kept us up and running while we work remotely.”

Oscar Merrida, George Washington University 


“We can put production locations anywhere! No need to install print drivers, and card templates are synced between workstations automatically.”

Erin Chezick, Carleton University

Here are some highlights from the session on how you can level up your card issuance process using CBORD with HID FARGO Connect:

Connected Experience
The HID Global and CBORD product teams worked to ensure that there was a seamless experience when it comes to issuing credentials from CS Gold or Odyssey. Operators can issue cards — as well as manage print jobs — directly from within the CBORD interface saving an incredible amount of time and greatly simplifying the experience for the operator as they no longer need to jump between applications.

Issue from Anywhere
Using a CBORD web client, you can issue cards from anywhere using any device — whether that’s a desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or a mobile phone. The operator simply needs to use any internet-connected device to pull up a record, capture a photo, and then send it to the printer. Doing this eliminates the need to tether a dedicated PC to a single printer, allowing operators to do this from the safety of their home office. There’s no need to download a printer driver, install card production software, or upload a card template to a new workstation. You simply log in and hit print.

Additionally, requiring students to go to the card office can be inefficient and creates long lines. Now, the card office can go where the students are. They can even hand over a tablet and let the student take a selfie to capture a photo on-the-fly.

Secure Remote Issuance
Safely and securely send encrypted print jobs to satellite campuses using the platform’s secure print feature. This eradicates expensive card shipping fees and expedites the time it takes to get an ID card in the hand of a student, faculty, or staff member. Even if print jobs are received at the remote location after normal operating hours, jobs remain locked down and cards will not print until an authorized employee has authenticated to the platform to release the print job. As such, printers no longer need to be constantly physically monitored on-site or stored in dedicated, locked rooms.

With HID FARGO Connect not only is it possible to send print jobs securely to remote locations, but it can also read the contactless chip during the print process and enroll the card within the CBORD solution in one seamless step. This inline personalization process is the answer to the outdated two-step process and is possible whether the printer is sitting 5 feet or 5,000 miles from you.

Real-time Visibility of Issuance System
Always stay on top of your card issuance system, whether you are right in front of the printer or if its halfway across campus. The HID FARGO Connect solution will help you increase the uptime of your issuance process and provide greater visibility into the status and health of your printers. This is done through a web-based dashboard providing real-time visibility of the entire print system, which includes a printer’s consumable level, printer status, and the ability to adjust printer settings. For on-the-go administrators, the email notifications add-on is an optional way to stay on top of things while not looking at the dashboard.

For full details, please watch the full session recording here.

Level Up Your Card Issuance Process