Menu Display Interface: Saving Time with Foodservice Suite

Manually updating menu boards can be a drain of one of your most valuable resources: time. Menus change multiple times per day, and having workers update your menu displays to reflect these changes is incredibly time consuming. CBORD’s Menu Display Interface changes all of this by connecting your Foodservice Suite® (FSS) system to your menu displays. This eliminates input errors and saves time updating changes in recipes. FSS drives accurate information in real-time for your students to see.

With the help from our select vendor partners, you have the ability to create eye-catching, dynamic menus at all of your locations. Your menu and marketing teams can coordinate to select specific menus and menu items to display on your presentation system of choice.

If you are interested in seeing Menu Display Interface in action, take a few minutes to check out our To the Point | Menu Display Interface video. To see some the other exciting options CBORD has for enhancing your retail operation, watch our on-demand webinar Grab Retail Ideas & Go with CBORD.