Mercyhurst University Explores the Possibilities of AdminWeb

As it does for most of our community members, the idea started with a student. The Student Government Association at Mercyhurst was looking for a way to track attendance transactions at activities they hosted. In particular, they wanted to know who came at what time, and how many events a given person attended. John Patterson, Director of the OneCard, had the solution in his recent upgrade to Odyssey's AdminWeb.

"Now that we have AdminWeb, we can use a mobile device like an iPod® to track activities in a variety of ways. The SGA supplied the iPod, the OneCard office supplied the readers and the credentials, and now the SGA can track attendance at any event they host."

After working through how they would setup events and how reporting would function, the SGA started using Odyssey Activities in time for back-to-school in 2015 and were immediately impressed. Shortly after, they began a rewards program to incentivize student participation. For example, every fifth event a student attends, she receives an SGA-supplied gift card. Patterson contributed to the rewards program by offering a Kindle Fire™ and an iPod to the two students who attended the most events throughout the school year.

Word began to spread, and professors started asking to use Odyssey Activities for lecture and special movie screening attendance, where students must check both in and out of the event to get credit. The university has also recently tracked attendance at an on-campus job fair and started using it on the weekend shuttle bus transporting students to and from town.

Recently while SGA representatives were presenting to the Board of Trustees, they expressed their excitement about the technology and the impact it was having. At first the Board was alarmed and wondered where Patterson had found the funds to implement such a service, and expressed concern over the cost. "They were happy to learn that this feature was added when we upgraded to AdminWeb, which, in the long run, saved the college a hefty sum," said Patterson. "So Mercyhurst saved money, and the OneCard added functionality. Needless to say, Mercyhurst is pleased."

Get the skinny on benefits of AdminWeb with our 3-minute To the Point video.