MIT Opens Atlas Service Center, Powered By CBORD

A recent article in MIT News reports on the opening of the Atlas Service Center, a new addition to the campus and a marvel of technological integration and architectural design. Many of the services offered are powered by leveraging data from CBORD® access and card systems in use at MIT for almost a decade.

The center provides a single location where community members receive in-person assistance with an array of services, including getting ID cards and passport photos, an IT walk-in center with computer repair services, commuting benefits (T-pass, parking, and other options), the MIT cashless service TechCASH, background checks and finger printing, and more. Center staff will also provide information about other services available to the MIT community such as Human Resources benefits, community wellness programs, and recreation activities.

Federico Casalegno, Director of the MIT Design Lab, spoke about how the lab works on projects to connect people, information, and places in meaningful ways. This has helped the Atlas team create the integrated service experience offered through the center.

“Developing the Atlas Service Center for MIT required the team to entirely rethink the way institutions provide high-quality services in the 21st century,” notes Casalegno. “The center provides an easy way to access information about MIT, connect our community, and understand the vibrant activities happening on campus and beyond.”

CBORD card systems, such as CS Gold® 7, provide data that powers campus services, such as granting access credentials and enabling cashless payments, whether on an ID card or a mobile device. CBORD is creating a future driven by a unique pairing of technology and community—technology that serves communities like MIT. Our goal is to push the limits of emerging technologies to optimize our customers’ experience. To learn more, read about The Future of the Card System.


Source: Atlas Service Center opens in E17 by Robyn Fizz, 03/13/2017