Take control of your multi-site food service operation with NetMenu.


Multiple people creating multiple menus can lead to inefficiencies in any food service operation. It pays to manage multi-unit foodservice functions at an enterprise level where you maintain control over ingredients, recipes, and diet-specific menus that are used throughout your health system. This type of centralized approach enables you to quickly and efficiently pivot operations during pandemics and other emergencies.

Central Ingredients and Menus, Local Recipes

NetMenu is CBORD’s web-based system that was built specifically for enterprise management of large, multi-site food service operations. NetMenu provides a complete end-to-end foodservice management system that includes central menu planning and enterprise data sharing, along with full-featured food production, inventory management, patient nutrition, and more.

NetMenu helps ensure consistency across the entire organization by allowing each location to access standardized item information to create local recipes.

You predetermine how each division or site can modify existing recipes and menus to accommodate local variations and location-specific items. The same recipe or menu will have location-specific costing and margins, helping managers and chefs make timely, informed decisions based on regional and local ingredient costs.

By managing ingredients, products, vendor items—and the links between them—centrally, you drive locations to use the right products for the right application from the right supplier.

Key Benefits

  • Support large, multi-unit food service operations.
  • Increase control and standardization across your sites while minimizing data maintenance.
  • Reduce overproduction and costs with smart forecasting tools.
  • Maintain diet order compliance and patient safety with menus that are automatically personalized for each patient.
  • Set standards and monitor site compliance.
  • Adjust operations quickly and efficiently across all sites during times of crisis.

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