NEW! Sunday Preconference Trainings

We have heard from many customers the desire to add additional certification opportunities at UGC. Preconference Training is a new way to get CBORD-certified with five, four-hour training classes offered on Sunday, the first day of UGC.

These optional hands-on trainings are offered for an additional fee of $459.00. Customers may select one class, and each training is limited to 12 participants.

    Date: Sunday, October 20, 2019
    Time: 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

To register, add a Preconference Training class during your conference registration. Here's a list of this year's classes.


Automating Your Patron Access
Utilizing all the tools in the CS Gold® system, find out how you can fully automate your system in a way that works for you. From Housing Access Mapping to LDAP Extract, we will show you the many ways of automating your Patron’s access based off of information you already have at your fingertips!


Card and Credentials

Automating Tasks in CS Gold® (using SQL, Patron Import, and Batch Queue)
Join this hands-on training to learn (start-to-finish) how to automate a task at your site. We will start by learning the basics of SQL (Structured Query Language) to query the CS Gold system for specific criteria. After verifying the SQL, we will then create a script file that will set the environment and spool (export) the results of our query in the format of a Patron Import file. The Patron Import file will be used to make specific changes to our selected patrons. Once the script file is written, we will then automate the entire process by creating a Batch Queue job to run at a specific date and time.


Commerce and POS

Oracle® Simphony Advanced Administration
The Oracle Simphony Advanced Maintenance and Administration Course addresses Simphony core components in an effort to equip you to troubleshoot and manage your system more effectively. We begin with an overview of Simphony, highlighting how it differs from its predecessors. We then dive into the system processes and services, learning how they interact, what they affect, and how to break and fix them. We also learn what to look for in the logs in order to troubleshoot common problems. Focus is then directed to the Microsoft SQL Server where we review the tables, performance indicators, and tools used to maintain the system.



Save Paper and Simplify Maintenance with ResCenter® Maintenance
Interested in automating your room condition inspection process? Looking to speed up the room inspection process for your student staff? Want to simplify the submission of work orders for your students? The ResCenter Maintenance module can help you meet these goals! This training will look at the features of the ResCenter Maintenance module and walk attendees through the process of setting this module including hands on training on room inventories, scheduling inspections, conducting inspections, and the student view of the RCR process. Further discuss of the work order features will show how your students can gain more control in this process.


Strategic Planning

Roadmap Ready
Start your 2019 UGC experience with an in-depth look at adoption strategies to both maximize your current investment and facilitate program expansion. This four-hour session provides customers with the tools needed to align their CBORD systems with institutional values and directives. Leverage new technology to deliver the features and functionality to achieve your goals. The session is hosted by Scott Radloff.

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