Client Success Story - OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

OSF St. Joseph achieves top Press Ganey scores with Room Service 200 from CBORD

OSF St. Joseph Medical Center
OSF St. Joseph Medical Center in Bloomington, Illinois, is a comprehensive medical center and part of OSF Healthcare System. The 150–licensed bed facility offers complete acute inpatient care; a full range of outpatient and rehabilitative services; occupational medicine and health services; cardiac surgery and rehabilitation; wellness, prevention, and diagnostic services; and more.

On the Cutting Edge

OSF St. Joseph takes pride in its medical care as well as in its ancillary services, such as food service. “We've been offering room service at OSF St. Joseph for nearly six years,” says Eileen Wallace, Director of Food Service at the facility. “We were one of the first hospitals in the area to provide this enhanced dining experience to our patients, and we've had great success ever since.”

Looking to further augment its room service program, the Food Service department reviewed four room service software options before switching to CBORD® from a competitor's system in September 2006. The hospital has been live with Room Service 200, CBORD's room service system specifically for hospitals with fewer than 200 beds, since January 2007.

“There were many reasons we chose to go with CBORD,” says Wallace. “The price points were good, we appreciated the user-friendly look and feel of the software, and our sales representative, Susan Cavataio, was very helpful throughout the entire process.”

Enhancing the Employee Experience

Wallace noticed results within the first six months of operation, and one of the greatest improvements has been with training new employees on the system.

Previously, all call center diet aides needed specific, in-depth knowledge of complex diets and even combination diets to ensure patients received compliant foods. CBORD has helped automate this process by highlighting in red compliance problems for each patient's unique diet—allowing diet aides to quickly point out issues and help educate patients as to which foods they can and cannot eat.

Not only has Room Service 200 eased the training process, but it has also given the department useful tools to track its diet aides' success. “We love how we can do audits. It's a great quality control tool and lets us continually check our accuracy rates for better patient care,” says Wallace.

Beyond One Size Fits All

In addition, OSF St. Joseph has taken advantage of the many customizable options available in the system. For example, when serving prisoners, diet aides click a special button created for “paper & plastic” tableware. The department also created buttons for guest trays and half orders, just to name a few. “You can customize the system to meet your facility's specific needs,” says Wallace. “And there are message fields, which are great areas for anything else you may need to communicate about a patient or an order.”

Results You Can See

Since January 2007, OSF St. Joseph's already strong Press Ganey scores have soared into the 99th percentile. “We couldn't do room service without the system,” says Wallace. “And the continual upgrades keep us up to date, progressive.”