Nominate and Celebrate Excellence

Each year a single individual and two organizations are honored for their creativity and positive contribution to the CBORD user community. The open call for nominations begins April 11, 2019. Nominations will be accepted through May 2, 2019.

Nominate an organization or one of your peers today for a CBORD Excellence Award:

  • The Visionary Award (for an organization)

    Visionaries illustrate what it means to be pioneers in systems integration and developing new business applications to create valuable services for their customers.

    The One CBORD Award (for an organization)

    The award-winner exemplifies integrated planning and foresight tying multiple CBORD systems together across an entire organization.

    The Above & Beyond Award (for an individual)

    The award-winner is a single person who has worked closely with CBORD to develop innovative new solutions or has creatively applied CBORD solutions for the benefit of the larger user community.

For inspiration, have a look at some of the achievements which earned past winners their Excellence Awards.

Awards will be presented at our 39th annual User Group Conference, October 20–23 in Orlando, Florida.

Celebrate Excellence

Nominate an organization or individual today.